Organic Gardening – The Greenest Agricultural Method |

Everyone seems to be deeply concerned about the environment. If you share that sentiment, organic gardening might just be your thing. In the same way that humans have frequently polluted the planet, organic gardening has always helped, with people gardening this way for years.Lab chemicals didn’t used to be standard agricultural aids, so nobody even had to “go” organic back in the day – they already were. Therefore, their food was much healthier and more nutritious. Those are the same primary reasons organic gardening is so attractive today – health and nutrition.What Exactly Makes an “Organic” Garden?You have truly organic gardening when commercial pesticides and fertilizers are not part of the growing process. It’s not that these don’t work, but their short-term benefits are outweighed by the long-term negative effects – destruction of natural ecosystems.Nature takes the best care of itself; air, water and soil stay purer when you opt for organic gardening.Improve Physical PerformanceOrganic gardening = organic food = better health. (A great equation!) The only real all-natural foods are organic, and they also happen to be the safest and healthiest. Your average, pesticide-laden garden could never produce foods with as many nutrients and minerals.Organic foods are a real boost to the immune system – that’s because of the levels of potassium, iron, magnesium and calcium found in them.Not only will your body function better with high amounts of the minerals you need, but you don’t have to worry about possible side effects from fertilizers and pesticides. There is a significant reduction in the number of food toxins.Better CropsVegetable gardens are some of the best places to start your organic gardening adventure (as long as you’re willing to put in the work). Not only will the quality of your vegetables improve, but their shelf lives will be longer.There’s nothing better than fresh vegetables – except fresh organic vegetables. Like any garden, it’ll save you money.It’s a reward in itself just to be able to sit back and finally see a lusty garden in your backyard. Gardening is virtually always a great health benefit – using produce from your garden is a beneficial way to start out the day.Organic gardening is such a tremendous health opportunity that it’s a surprise so few people go this route. If more were to use this method, pollution of the environment would be a significantly less. After all, what you put in the ground in your yard makes it over to the neighbor’s.Similarly, what you don’t put in your yard doesn’t. Get the whole family involved and start working toward a better nutritional future together. Deciding to do organic gardening is one of the best health decisions you’ll ever make.

Biotechnology Is Used in Agricultural Fields |

Biotechnology is making great news in every filed. It is used in producing the effective therapeutic medicines and many other useful medicines which are made with natural elements. It is also used in genetically engineered foods. The new world of genetic engineering produced therapeutic foods like tomatoes and broccoli which has large amount of cancer-fighting chemical and vitamin-enhance crops of rice, sweet potatoes, and root vegetables to help and nourish the poor people. Soy, wheat and peanuts will make free of allergies. Many vegetable oils are useful to produce the useful therapeutic ingredients that doctors prescribe them for patients who are suffering from cancer and heart disease. Many biochemists believe that genetically engineered foods are the key to the next wave of advances in agriculture and health.Many professional believe that there is a great potential for Biotechnology in producing the efficient and useful medicines, but they also fear for uncertainty and dangers genetically engineered products could cause to human life. They say that people should not make a haste decision in buying them as soon as they are released in the market first they should understand the product and then take a decision in using them or not. Some products which are genetically modified may not recommended to use they may cause severe health problems to the people if they are not fully aware of the product. Many countries like North America and Europe are having a debate on using the genetically engineered food crops as they may cause severe damage to the people.Many people are not aware of consuming the genetically engineered foods; it has been in use since mid 1990s. The great country like America, where people don’t realize that they are eating these genetic foods, 60% of all processed foods have been in the market in United States of America like pizza, chips, cookies, ice cream, salad dressing etc. In the past decade or so, the Biotechnology plants that go into these processed foods have increased from nursery phenomenon to crops planted on a massive scale like 130 million acres in 13 countries. More than 50 products have passed through a federal review process and another hundred are undergoing field trials.

Investing in Agriculture in Northern Nigeria |

Nigeria is located in the West African sub-region in African continent. She is blessed with abundant rain forest, savanna forest etc. with enough Sun shine and rain fall all the year round. She has two major seasons-rainy season and dry season. Then raining season starts from mid March to October, while dry season starts from October to March. These seasons are very good for cultivation.The Northern Nigeria is predominantly savanna forest. The rainy season starts from May to October, while the dry season starts from October to April. The dry season is further sub-divided into two: the harmatan season that starts from November to February. This period is characterized with very cold and dry and cold weather. This is usually the time for harvesting farm produce.The soil of this region is sandy loamy suitable for crops like groundnut, cotton, wheat, maize, cowpea, soya beans, sogium, guinecorn, millet etc. This soil is very easy to cultivate. There no trees to fall. Most of the trees there are shrubs. Tractors, animals and man can be to cultivate the soil. The grasses are tilled together with the so to act as manure to the crops. The soil is arable and very fertile which require small application of organic and inorganic manure.These crops can be grown and processed for local, industrial and export uses. So investing in this region is relatively cheap as land and are available. Investment can be for industrial and export uses. This can double or triple your investment. There are irrigation facilities for all the year farming.Finally, one can invest in agricultural machineries, hires, sales, and services.